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What? You were expecting someone else? πŸ˜›
Hurra for full spread pages, it’d be nice to color this pages… some day >.>
Now is Luna in her own senses eh? what do you think?

That’s all for today, see you soon!


Page 36

I wonder who’s that paw from? ;D
I know, no much is happening today, hey they at least walked away from that stair, but things will get tense every minute now. Let’s hope Collie manage to keep herself steady or she may… oh well.

In other news Page 38 available fro Download, and page 37 still available from last week. Go and check it out in the Calendar section (Or under Support> Upcoming Pages).

Well see you soon. A new page will be online next Saturday. Howls!


Page 35

So, no. He did not morphed fully into David, Just was teasing Collie if you ask me.
So yeah, Animas don’t have a human appearance, they just “borrow” one in a not so pleasant way. We’ll find more about them soon enough.

Pages for Donors will be available tomorrow due time issues. Sorry, I really try >.> – I’m inking pages right now so there shouldn’t be hiccups tomorrow.

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Page 34

Since last week I had to skip updates due a technical issue after another, first my charger then my graphic tablet. But those things are solved now.
So I decided to move up Saturday ‘s page for today, I hope everyone is ok with that πŸ™‚

Now, I’m not sure if it’s clear or not that Teo shows Collie a resemblance of David with his morphing face, maybe I should’ve changed him more, but I didn’t want to fall into *poof* changes at all.
Now is David dead? Well… maybe I should put that for a pool and you decide :p eh?

Well I see you next Wednesday.


Page 33

Sorry, but this week again will have updates this Friday for upcoming pages for donors. I’ve had a few issues to attend and no energies today to work on it. so stay tunned.

Im really tired so comment on page 33 ^_^, I’ll just say no “souls” are involved in this scene… but it’s kinda close, well see ya soon.


Page 31-32

First, Downloadable pages through donations will be available tomorrow (Thursday 9), I really don’t want to rush next pages due some time constraints I’ve had these days. Thanks for your understanding, remember to follow me on tiwtter or facebook to know when I’ll put them online.

And so the transformation ends! I couldn’t help it but make another splash page for the final process. In a way I really wanted to improve myself upon the previous tf sequence. I’m not sure if I did, but I tried!
Still I think a next transformations won’t be this exhaustive or long , I really want to bring new things to the table than repeating myself. This wasn’t the case, there was something going on behind Lunas change with Collie’s dilemma and in a way Luna being conscious of what was happening to her made things different.
TF scenes are fun to do, but they are part of the story too. And I really hope those people supporting me through donations and fans of the “tf” keep around through the journey of Luna and what is up to come, say fang, claws, blood and more!

I’m really thankful for all the great readers and supporters I’ve got since I came back! A big thanks to all!


Page 30

You know the thing about werewolves and even vampires, everybody start adding crazy ideas of how they are and what are the rules. When for the purpose of a story a bite is too difficult too pull off so then a scratch it’s just enough to become one…. and probably later it will be just by being stared by one. Silly stuff.

Yes I know, there are no rules, except for those who exist in each world these creatures habit…. and if you’d pay a bit of attention you’d know by know that Lycanthropes in Alpha Luna don’t spread their thing by bitting, neither by clawing… neither by …errr you get the point πŸ˜› (Remember what Fang said to Luna in chapter 3?)

And what says this about Animas? well, we’ll find out more about them soon enough. But believe me when I say that I won’t commit myself to every cliche or I’ll burn the stories and characters pretty fast.
A story is not just about cool stuff, it’s also about what it’s really interesting to tell through the characters.

See you next Wednesday!


Page 29

Well Animas surely change differently to werewolves and it’s something I wanted to reflect. And you can notice that he is going in a much faster way than Luna, if I had to pick a point of reference it’d be something like “Underworld” werewolves (that coincidentally look more cats xD) vs an “American Werewolf in London” … BUT this doesn’t mean all AL werewolves goes the way Luna does… we’ll find out about that in the future.

Lycanthrope Club Book Teaser

In other news I’ve recently posted a few werewolves illustrations for “The Lycanthrope Club Book 1” out of many I did during a year toward it publishing, an amazing novel that I highly recommend if you like the kind of werewolves you see here in Alpha Luna. For more info please visit my DA gallery and Kiojan (The author) DA gallery: here and here
But if you want to read it immediately go to this site where you can download for free a pdf copy πŸ˜‰ or buy the colored book! HERE

That’s about it , enjoy!


Page 28

Well we’re reaching the climax of the transformation! Almost here πŸ˜‰
Pages 29 & 30 already available for download!

This week I got really excited about the Superman reboot, Man of Steel is looking really good! It was and it’s been my favorite super-heroe since I was a child :P. I hope to watch the trailer on the big screen tomorrow while watching THD Rises!

PS: Yeah, who would have guessed Luna wears a magical bra who’s straps are not visible while she wears her shirt XD. *hides*


Page 27

Yeah, Teo is not “human”…. an Anima? heh , well probably the worst kept secret, then again I wasn’t expecting it to be such a big reveal :p but poor Collie, she probably didn’t see this coming πŸ˜‰

If donors notice some text change in one of the bubbles, well that has to do with some screw up I made while using note of my script from an old source and not the one I was working on, I really hope it doesn’t happen again :/

Anyway, see you soon.