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So page 09 for Donations will not be available today (Wed 20), I’m really sorry but I haven’t felt too good these past days. For some reason even when I seep well, after a few hours I can’t help it but feel mentally tired, light headed and the cold weather here is not helping me either.

Anyhow, I’m slowing down the pages to 1 per week. Besides what I just said I’ll need a few extra days now because I’m taking art commissions and resume a few side projects. Also, AL Trade Paper Back Volume 1 in Spanish is having a second edition published in my country (Chile) very soon and I’m working on some edits for it.

If I can’t get page 09 for download for tomorrow then it’ll probably move it ahead for next Wed, we’ll see.

In other news pages:
DO YOU WANT A CAMEO IN A FUTURE PAGE OF Alpha Luna? Follow the next Steps:

Publicación de Alpha Luna.


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