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The Site is back and with that I want to thanks to all the people who cared about me and my well being. Big thanks to Takyoji who managed to bring back the site from the dead, without his help this would’ve not been possible. That said the site may not be working 100% and some areas may not be working as intended because we moved from one system to another comic format, this time with wordpress.
Due all this the art here and there may not be up to standards and the mobile version may need some rework, but what is important is that the site and Alpha Luna is alive again! 🙂

In other news Patreon is on hold until I resume my work here again, so don’t despair, I’ve been arting for some time since I’ve been away and AL has been neglected, I know. But soon enough “Beta Collie” will be available for purchases as I promised last year, after that I’ll be resuming works with AL.

So have some patience and we’ll be back rolling and howling again. Thanks to you all and any positive input will be welcome. Thanks wolves 🙂



11 thoughts on “Page 35

  1. Great to have you back! Been checking in periodically in hope.
    and I’ll add my own thanks to Takyoji for helping you resurrect the site.

    Take it easy, we can wait as long is needed, your wellness takes priority.

  2. Good to have you back Leo. I’m sure the things you’ve been through have put you through hell for the past year. But all the same good to see you have your site back.

  3. Just wondered when will “B at Collie be available to everyone to view. Not really seeing anything on here or your da that has info about it though I do enjoy your w Do. Just wanted to know what happens to it.

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