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So I decided to hold up to this updated to post Blog Updates.

First, a few changes to the Calendar. Next Saturday there won’t be a new page. To keep everything arranged I need to keep at least 1 week between HD pages for people who may donate and public pages. And as much as I tried I couldn’t make 2 pages for download this week, I was a little burnt out to be honest and cold weather isn’t helping to work over night >_>.

So I’ve moved 2 pages for next week …and the week after that 1 page again and so on. That way I hope to keep a balance of what I’m capable to deliver while still keeping the quality of pages intact.

Again, check the calendar to get a better idea. Still there is always a chance I move things again, it depends on many things, life, time, health, etc.

Anyhow, no more words and please comment, share if you like about the story and characters. I’m always pleased to read your thought.



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