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Page 28

Well one of the most challenging things here was to decide on Luna’s mother look. Wile she needed to look very close to Luna, I didn’t want to confuse the readers.

Well, She had a design from were I draw her back in Chapter 1 (just before Luna’s first change) and then briefly at the end of Chapter 2 (When Laura sees her), but my style of drawing doesn’t quite match today what I drew back then. To be honest the trick was on her hair, much of which is Luna’s original style from old drawings I’ve done of Luna -while now- Luna has a more rounded look to its hair 😛

Also much is on her face expression. Her face marking is a tribe thing. As for the guy…well, all what you need to know about him is just displayed on the page 😉

Page 29 will come on Nov 16 (two weeks from now), and hopefully after that will go back to weekly pages for a while.

Thanks in advance to all supporter and remember I’m always posting all the extra stuff, including Collie’s transformation comic at my Patreon.

Until then, Howls!



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