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I know I’ve been a bit mute for the past few days, I couldn’t even update the Calendar, I had to re-download my web editor again for the new laptop to get that fixed. (BTW, Pages 16 & 17 HD already available for download).

Also, I’ve been having some sleep issues because I’m editing the AL spanish book that I need to deliver by the end of next week and full filling the goals at my Patreons.

Recently I saw a lot of activity in the comment section, I don’t mind a few conversations, I actually love reading ABOUT what you have to tell about the story and AL. But when you use it only for chat between a few of you repeatedly, it kinda defeat its purpose. Not a big deal, just be polite. If you have one or two question for me I can answers them here below (but I can’t promise I reply everything due time), if you want something more in depth and want to be sure I’ll reply it, use my email. (Red email icon here at the right of your screen).

By the way, if you want to personalize an avatar for the comment section here below, register one at with the email you use.

Anyhow, comment on the story so far 🙂
As you can see Collie is pretty brave despite the situation.

Next page is ready to appear here next Wed so there should not be delays as past weeks.

Remember if you want additional pics, and stay ahead of updates, you can always join my patreon at:



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