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What “Beta-Collie” are you talking about? 😛
Of course that was April’s Fools guys and girls! Apparently you enjoyed it a lot. I would never do such a thing to Luna, I mean replace her as a protagonist and all that! 🙂

The Were-Collie thing was made for a Milestone Goal reached within my Patreon as a “What if” comic. The date was a bit of a coincidence with April’s fools ( I had considering working on it at he end of March anyway) and I thought what better date and posted it :p

So if you wanna see the process of Collie turning into a werewolf you gotta join my Patreon. I guess it will be eventually available for everybody in the future. It will be just a few pages for fun.

Anyway I’ve been with a cold for the past few days so the Collie thing helped me also to finish page 15 that should be ready for download when read this.

Page 14 you see here show more about Collie’s past and what she’s been dealing with! I think this is a powerful and very important part of her backstory, if you remember I did a glimpse of this idea back in 2006 when I was drawing Chapter 2, now guess what page I’m talking about! 😛

Until next week.



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