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I know I should have a lot to say but the truth is that the opposite. Not much have changed since I’ve been away and much of my goals have remain mostly the same.
That said…yes I’m kinda of a screwed person when it comes to scheduling and being responsible with you, the people who love AL so much to still coming around after months of waiting and wondering.And I’m afraid to say the words ‘Im sorry’ because they may sound very empty after all this time, but those are the only words I truly have.

I just wan to move forward and this time at least be open to any situation that comes in the way so you can rest assure what is going on.

Chapter 5 won’t being for another 2 weeks at least, the HD pages will make a return and people will be able to donate for High quality version of each page at least 1 week in advance.

The Calendar needs to be updated (Don’t pay attention to the October thing) and once it says “2014 Calendar” in the title you’ll know things are moving forward.

I’ll let you know more when I have more in my hands. Until then, remember you can always join at the social links , FB & Twiitter pages to be up to date with Luna. Thanks againl and howls!



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