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I’ve been trying to catch up on the amount of messages you dropped since I was gone. And I can’t pass without saying a big thank you to all who were supportive.

What I can say about what happened is that I had in between a few health issues, of which I’m still trying to cope with and a depression period that I’m facing now with another posture. And for now I’m just trying to start with a blank state, a new book… I rather want to look forward which ultimately is the best for me and you guys. Thanks again.

But enough about that, I want to look forward comments about the story 😉

And about the site. The “like” button you see above my Avatar does work for each separated page published to date. But the “real one” lies on the community site on FB. It’s never too late to like it, eh?
Here: Alpha Luna community site

Don’t be confused with the group FB page that you can access through the FB buton (right blue button from the page).

That’s all for now. Next page will come next Wednesday.



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