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Page 48

And so we end another chapter in Luna’s story!
And as usual we’ll have a break on the story updates until the new chapter arrives.

Things I’ll do in the meantime: write the story, work on the web-site adding stuff for donators including all HD pages from this chapter and possible previous ones .

Then, work on chapter 5 cover among a few other things. So yes, the break is needed for me to continue in the best shape possible.

-Estimated date of return: October 2 (Chapter 5 Cover)
– Page 01? Possible: October 9.

Still, between now and then I’ll be adding some pics, so the site will be coming with new stuff as long as I can.

And remember to like Luna’s site at FB Here so you get news whenever I’m updating the site! Which btw is pretty close to get 1k likes!

If you’ve liked what I’ve done so far, you can always help by sharing what I do, FB, twitter anything help.

Again, thanks for making this possible by just commenting and giving feedback to my work. Thank you and howls!



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