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Once again I want to thanks to the numerous replies, feedback I got from my last post. I really appreciate the kind words, understanding and support, thanks.

Again, for anyone coming late, HD pages will be posted later but for now they won’t come out before current public pages, for now I want to focus on finishing this chapter properly before going back to the donor’s method we had in the past.

Last night I had blast inking while chatting with a few people at Live Streaming, so it may be a thing now. While I expect to have next page this Saturday, next Tuesday we could reunite again. My english is pretty rough though, but I’ll try.
Tuesdays, 7 pm PACIFIC TIME (PST) –
And remember to subsribe to any of the Social links so you can know exactly when I’m on.

In other news I loved, frigging LOVED The Last of Us, probably the best game I played this whole generation on ps3 😀

That’s all for now, take care!



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