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It’s been a while I know, I know. I should explain myself, and first and foremost ask for forgiveness. I owe the readers of AL so much and the affection that I’ve gotten is the reason I’m back here inspired to work and try again to pursuit dreams of youth. Thank you.

But as in other instances I don’t have much to say about the reason of this latest hiatus. But let’s try to elaborate, my mental and physical health hasn’t been the strongest during the past months and being in a state of depression didn’t help either. For over a year I’ve suffered of tinnitus (a high pitch sound that never ends that can drill your head insane) that comes and goes, migraines that make me feel light-headed with plugged ears and sleep disorders that make you feel alienated to the real world… so yeah, kinda of a bummer. 4 doctors and 10 exams later there is no true culprit… so … shrugs, let’s keep trying these pills just in case.

And let’s remember I’m not that young anymore (35) and the lack of energies can be an issue.
What I cannot say is what lies in my RL surroundings, family responsibilities and such that can move you away from your good will intentions, meaning my projects, thus the comic.

Slowly but moving forward I arranged what needed to be done in order to come back here and now I’m enthusiastic to make the next thing possible. Because even before I was gone there were things, important things that I left that I felt terrible for not being accomplished and those things were attached to friends that were working with me for future projects related to AL.

But I’ll show some previews of those projects soon, next week to being to taste what I’m cooking here.

For now and probably to the end of this chapter (Page 47 or 48) there won’t be Donor’s pages, maybe I’ll upload the HD versions for download but they won’t be released ahead of time. This is because it wouldn’t feel right to charge right now after the huge absence I had. The system should be back for Chapter 5.

For more info, please join to the FB page where I’m usually posting drawings and previews before pages come out. So again, thanks for your support, there are no words to say thanks enough, from me and from Luna.

Next page should be up next WED if everything works fine, take care.



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