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So, hum… things gets serious.
I won’t say anything, and people who donate for pages ahead shouldn’t too. I mean it >_> (Don’t make me ban you!) . But relax, you only have to wait till Saturday to see what will happen, let’s cross fingers that Collie…hum, what was I saying?.

In other news, I’d like to promote a friend who is trying hard to reach his goal to produce a digital book, his work is really something special, his Indiegogo page is here:

And you can watch his video below 🙂

That’s about it. See ya soon 🙂

PS: Has someone read the manga “Wolfboy” what a letdown ending >.> , the art was great, the story way too crazy and dark and shocking for my own taste…. but the art…. oh well. It was about a werewolf but it could’ve been so much better :/



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