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Well Animas surely change differently to werewolves and it’s something I wanted to reflect. And you can notice that he is going in a much faster way than Luna, if I had to pick a point of reference it’d be something like “Underworld” werewolves (that coincidentally look more cats xD) vs an “American Werewolf in London” … BUT this doesn’t mean all AL werewolves goes the way Luna does… we’ll find out about that in the future.

Lycanthrope Club Book Teaser

In other news I’ve recently posted a few werewolves illustrations for “The Lycanthrope Club Book 1” out of many I did during a year toward it publishing, an amazing novel that I highly recommend if you like the kind of werewolves you see here in Alpha Luna. For more info please visit my DA gallery and Kiojan (The author) DA gallery: here and here
But if you want to read it immediately go to this site where you can download for free a pdf copy 😉 or buy the colored book! HERE

That’s about it , enjoy!



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