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Yay, more TF! :p
I’m really trying to do something better than last time, anatomically wise it’s always a challenge to come with new ideas, poses and make sense. Clothes are always an issue! >.>Thankfully my werewolves wear poor quality clothes…

Anyway got to see the new Spider-man movie, it was really good despite my love for Sam Raimi’s movies. I still think Spiderman 2 it’s the BEST comic-adaptation- super-heroe-movie, but tat it’s just me 😛 – Which is not the same of what it’s the best super heroe-movie period, which probably would be The Dark Knight.

Anyhow, Page 28 for Donators is up.

Ah! Enjoy this great short-movie of The Freeborn project, no werewolves on screen but pretty neat characters! HERE



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