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Well, first things first.
It was about time I added shades again. I was used to have help in the past (On chapter 3 at least) but now I think the comic needed some extra care, so I’m adding shades again with an extra hour of work.
So in advance, sorry to donors who got it black & white, but this is a recent update to my work, hope you understand.

Pages 23 & 24 are already available in the Upcoming Pages section for donors (just click up her above the latest comic page or forward button), now with shades of course.

In other subject, are you familiar with the movie “Freeborn”?. Well, it’s a movie project that’s been on the shelves for a long time, since 2007 if I recall correctly, and you know what? it’s a Werewolf Movie!!

The thing is I did my two cents for that project back in the day and made some photo-work over some original pics, stuff like this:

Freeborn Muzzle Growth, by LoboLEO

And more:

Well, The Director, Anthony Brownrigg has been working with concepts , and really really cool art work with the werewolves themselves and they look really sexy, you can check them out on his Facebook page:
Freeborn Facebook Page

It’s a project that now it’s going through a Indiegogo route and deserves at least some attention from werewolves fans, I give to it all my support and best wishes *howls*



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