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Just a quick note here (since I’m using same blog entry from previous promo image to update page 20).

Well since I didn’t want to clutter and make every single last page with the same promo image of “Get next page ahead here…” so intrusive, I moved all upcoming pages to a new page, that you can access from The support Menu or just by Clicking the Arrows Forward from latest page.

Also that webpage contain the Schedule information of upcoming pages for Donors and All Audiences Alike 🙂

Yes, this week I uploaded 2 pages to move to a steady peace. Thanks again for your patience and to everybody who’s been supporting me (Even just by reading ^^) ! Thanks.


June 6-2012

As promised here is the New “System”. If don’t understand what is going or what this system is I recommend you to read the last paragraphs from my previous journal (Click Back).

As you read above you can get the latest page clicking on Support Above .
It’s also worth mentioning that donors for buy pages are bigger in size, (1200×1900 pixel vs 610×910 of normal published pages), thus having a better quality image.

I really hope this way of delivering my art works so I can continue doing such. I also decided to add a few other small things for more adult oriented readers here. Both of those pics are the same included with Page 20, but clothe-less. 😉

Also included a new Paypal Link for free (no amount restriction) donations. Which will re-direct the donator to a thanks pic that I should be changing time to time in the future.

While Page 20 will be available for all people around Wed June 20, if in the future I get delayed with page 21 and so forth, I may also delay the free page. Because my intention is to always have the upcoming page available for Donators at the support link, without spaces in between.

To stay tuned and know when I’ll be posting a new page, please subscribe to my twitter or FB accounts (Icon/ links to the Right) so can grab the page as early as you can.

As for the image above, its not included in the zip. It’s a preview of one of the upcoming pages, but in rough form. And it may change in the future, so decided to use it as a “logo” for now.

Anyways, that’s it. Keep it howling! And thanks for all the support guys, I appreciate all the people, no matter if you can donate or not. Take care.



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