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Page 15

Ok. First things first…
If your’e noticing something strange with the continuity of the comic, well you’re just seeing things xp (lies!)
The truth is that I decided back in the previous splash page that Luna was already growing large fangs just for the sake of the scene and probably because there was a lapse we could’ve missed since the last chapter up to this scene.

But making page 15 I realized that Collie should have some kind of reaction to this and this wasn’t written into the scene so in the end I decided to make the fangs a bit of revelation with the last shot of this page. All in for the benefit of the story. So, if you’re still seeing large fangs with Luna in the previous page, you just need to refresh the page and you’ll see it’s been updated.

Anyway, thanks to those who shared a few hours on the Stream session while I did this page. take care!



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