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Page 43 & “Soul Bonds” + “Fang’s Journey”!

Update : Fang’s Journey is already available at the store and for all the info you need I did this nifty video!

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The battle continues!

The fight continues as Luna reflects on what she is feeling at the moment. Will this be enough for her to beat this ugly beast?

Drawing battle scenes is exhausting and you can’t imagine. Kinetic lines and the amount of detail is making me insane 😛 Who asked for Azar to also have tribe markings on his body? XD – I don’t know!

Anyway, I’ll try to keep up the pace of one page every two week or so.

And here is just another picture as a reminder a new Alpha Luna Chronicle Story is hitting My Patreon Page! ( )With the amazing work of Jade!

Below you can see an sketch cover as we’re still working and producing the comic. “Soul Bonds” has just started with one page and will continue with 2 this month of February and so on for upcoming months. That’s about it for now, read you soon!



7 thoughts on “Page 43 & “Soul Bonds” + “Fang’s Journey”!

  1. I must say this is my very first comment although I’ve been following you for three years, and this story has grabbed me and won’t let me go! You’re fantastic, big wolf Leo
    I love blood btw

  2. Always loved Alpha Luna and similar stories as they serve as great allegories for growing up and coming to terms with how things are always changing. Hope to see more great pages in the future!

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