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AL Chapter 5 – Page 38

Luz gives to Luna her few last words and love before the inevitable departure…

So first things first, I believe 2 pages each month will be the standard from now on. That means 1 page every 2 weeks. I know I sad 3 before but I was trying to cover more ground when actually my deadline (for the book publishing in my country) was a tad further down the line that I initially thought. In any case this way I can bring more quality pages instead of rushed ones. As always, I do work on many art projects besides AL, so I hope you also understand. This also helps me to not now burn out in the way. You don’t want more hiatuses, neither I do >_>

Well, in other projects. I’ve also pushed “Fang’s Journey” coming to the Store as a Digital book for next month. Looking back it didn’t make sense for me to push so many sales together after “Beta Collie”.

So, again, a reminder for my Country fellow people (from Chile) I’ll be publishing BOOK 3 this coming year, for the Comicon of Santiago next year! Stay tuned!

And as always keep howling!


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